The Monarch Sister Schools Program 

 The Monarch Sister Schools Program is supported by the nonprofit Natural Partners. Through Habitat Restoration in their schoolyard, Hands-on Learning in their outdoor classroom, and Cultural Exchange via Skype, students actively participate in saving the North American monarch butterfly population.


The mission of Natural Partners is to assist grassroots environmental groups to mobilize the financial and human resources needed to manage threatened ecosystems and preserve them for the future.

Who We Are 

We are professionals and volunteers from different walks of life, who have worked for various business development and educational organizations. Most of us have practical experience in the business world and the public sector, both in the USA and abroad. Natural Partners is a nonprofit organization incorporated in Washington, D.C., with 501(c)(3) status granted by the IRS.

An Urgent Need

Many of the world’s most important ecosystems have been significantly degraded and reduced in size. In many cases, less than 10% of the original areas remain, with only a small fraction having their original biodiversity intact. Time is running out, as the losses continue unabated.


Natural Partners has the following three (3) programs:

  1. Atlantic Rainforest Program (Brazil). A program in partnership with the Instituto de Pesquisas Ecológicas (IPE), Brazil’s third largest environmental NGO, designed to train and mentor local environmental leaders in the design, funding, and implementation of corridor-building projects in Brazil’s Atlantic Rainforest.

  2. The “Ecotravel supporting Conservation” Program (Brazil and Mexico). A program that organizes ecotours for the astute traveler interested in learning about our marvelous natural heritage sites and in meeting the local people who are working hard (and need help!) to protect those special places.

  3. The Monarch Sister Schools Program (United States and Mexico). An innovative environmental education program that involves school children in the protection and restoration of the habitat vital to the monarch butterfly’s life cycle and migratory pattern. Students interest in scientific inquiry and in protecting nature is stimulated while they learn about life sciences, culture, geography, and language in both the United States and Mexico.

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