We are delighted that you want to become a member of the Monarch Sister Schools Program!

Your basic membership in the Monarch Sister Schools Program (MSSP) is $250 annually. Upon enrollment, we will schedule an orientation meeting to help you select from our Menu-of-Activities. Next, we will draft a Participation Plan that includes a Timeline and Budget. You will receive a copy of the Monarchs and More curriculum guide. This guide contains 60 “tried and proven” lesson plans that promote hands-on learning for your students. You will be invited to our annual September Monarch Curriculum Workshop where you will learn tips about “teaching with monarchs.” If you opt to build a butterfly rearing cage at the workshop, we will give you at least 3 monarch caterpillars and “starter” milkweed. Your students will love watching the caterpillars grow into adult butterflies that can be released at your school for their fall migration to Mexico!

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