Natalie Richards


The song Butterfly was written by Natalie Lauren Richards in January 2008, and recorded by her in September 2008, the same month she helped launch the Monarch Sister Schools Program and became one of its most devoted supporters. A student, singer, pianist and songwriter – she valiantly and courageously fought a 2 year battle with brain cancer and died at age 19.

Her joyful presence and amazing strength and grace in the face of adversity reminds us all of the beautiful butterfly and its amazing ability to transcend the obvious obstacles that it must encounter to achieve it's metamorphosis.

In the words of Natalie, in a poem entitled Who I Am, she wrote, "I love people. I love making people smile because smiles are beautiful. I love music. I love writing music and songs for piano/voice. I love my family. I believe in music and the power it has to connect the's one of the few things that can touch everyone's heart."

Natalie also had a sincere passion for helping others and particularly enjoyed mentoring younger children. Her desire was to be an example and offer learning moments that inspired. With that in mind, she wanted her music to support causes that were mutually beneficial to children and to the causes she supported: thus the obvious connection to the Monarch Sister Schools Program and to butterflies.

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